CCIM Institute has partnered with the Center for REALTOR® Development to offer free on-demand courses for residential specialists considering a career in commercial real estate.

Calculating Value for Investment and Rental Properties

The most common question when working with rental real estate for sale is “what is it worth?” This class explains how to answer this question using an understanding of the financial models underlying the value of rental properties. Both conceptual and mathematical processes used by investors will be explored.

Developing Your Commercial Real Estate Business

Developing contacts and business in the commercial real estate market is a very different process than developing business in the residential market.This class pinpoints proven techniques and procedures to build a solid book of commercial business in all property types, leasing, and sales.

Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Whether you own rental property or lease it on behalf of the owner, there are certain clauses and understandings vital to using this process to create value. In this class, important lease terms and clauses will be discussed and the importance of each to the owner, the tenant, and the asset.

The Role of Demographics and Market Data in Commercial Real Estate

Access to market data – both big data and local data – is vital when working with commercial real estate. This class discusses the importance of recognizing trends in trade areas and markets, as well as the importance of demographics and psychographics in the decision-making process of owners and developers of rental real estate.

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