The Oklahoma CCIM Chapter was chartered in 1979, by the CCIM Institute (CCIM), a Member Institute of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Our statewide network of commercial real estate practitioners includes CCIM Designees, Candidates, and many Associate – Affiliate members. During the past 30 years, many of our members, officers, and past presidents have made significant contributions to perpetuate our OK/CCIM Chapter. Because of their considerable volunteer efforts, Oklahoma currently has one of the most active Chapters within the CCIM International Network!

Past Presidents

    1978-1979     Larry Swanson, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            1980    Crystal Hobson, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            1981    Larry Kelley, CCIM, Tulsa

            1982    Neil Worster, CCIM, Norman

            1983    Bill Richert, CCIM, Tulsa

            1984    Gerald Gamble, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            1985    Grover E. Bauer, CCIM, Tulsa

            1986    Larry Gilliam, CCIM, Norman

            1987    Bill Holloway, CCIM, Tulsa

            1988    D.J. “Bus” Blanton, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            1988    Neil Worster CCIM, from Norman

            1989    Claude Rogers, CCIM, Tulsa

            1990    Bruce Alleman, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            1991    Dan Adams, CCIM, Tulsa

            1992    Joe Maxey, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            1993    Steve L. Baker, CCIM, Tulsa

            1994    Jerry Hocker, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            1995    Jim Langley, Jr., CCIM, Tulsa

            1996    Tim Strange, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            1997    Gary M. Fleener, CCIM, Tulsa

            1998    Judy J. Hatfield, CCIM, Norman

            1999    Angela West, CCIM, Tulsa

            2000    Bob Sullivan, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            2001    George Thomas, CCIM, Tulsa

            2002    Bruce Holmes, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            2003    Jeff Hilst, CCIM, Tulsa

            2004    Steve Cottom, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            2005    Monty Berry, CCIM, Tulsa

            2006    Mark White, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            2007    David Looney, CCIM, Tulsa

            2008    Marc Weinmeister, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            2009    Terry Lazar, CCIM, Tulsa

            2010    Michael Platt, CCIM, Oklahoma City

            2011    Linda Smith Schafer, CCIM, Tulsa