In the event an individual member fails to comply with the following policies set forth herein or the policies set by the OKLAHOMA CCIM Chapter (“OK/CCIM”) from time to time, OK/CCIM, at OK/CCIM’s sole discretion, may limit or terminate that individual member’s access to the OKLAHOMA CCIM Website and Broadcast System (“Broadcast System”).

Submitting a broadcast email to be posted in Broadcast System is limited to members in good standing of the Oklahoma CCIM Chapter for the following purposes:

  • To promote educational programs and networking events either sponsored or co-sponsored by the Oklahoma CCIM Chapter.
  • To promote commercial, industrial, investment real estate properties available for sale or lease, or request a property to meet the requirements of a prospective Buyer or Tenant.
  • To communicate the opportunities to earn fees to regional real estate brokers.

Postings which are not in compliance with the following policy statement, may result in loss or limitation of use of the Broadcast System.  OK/CCIM retains the right to delete any information on the Broadcast System.

A member in good standing who is posting a property available for sale or lease is required to be either the Owner of the property, OR has a written “Right to Sell” or “Right to Lease” agreement signed by the seller/owner obligating the owner to pay a commission to a broker. In the event there is no cooperative brokerage commission to be paid, the listing agent MUST disclose this fact in the broadcast email message. The Oklahoma CCIM Chapter assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information pertaining to properties advertised in this Broadcast System.

No commercial real estate property may be offered for sale or lease or requested to meet the requirements of a prospective buyer or seller in Broadcast System, unless it is posted by an individual member in good standing of the Oklahoma CCIM Chapter. Individual members are not permitted to post listings for Non-members, or request properties to meet requirements for clients of Non-Members.

OK/CCIM Members in good standing are required to post their own individual contact information as the person to contact for additional information pertaining to a listing or a real estate requirement for a commercial property.

Business opportunities which do not include real estate property are NOT permitted to be advertised in the Broadcast System, and Vendors are NOT allowed to advertise their services.

The Broadcast System is both a State-wide and Regional service. The broadcast must contain the ADDRESS where your available property is located, or the name of the CITY or AREA where you NEED a property to meet your client’s requirement.

To maintain the impact of the Broadcast System, the broadcast email of a specific Have or Need shall be limited to ONE broadcast every TWO weeks. Updates to a specific Have or Need is allowed at members discretion.

Abuse of the Broadcast System, including unreasonably high number of posts by any one member, may result in the limitation or termination of use of the Broadcast System.

In the event an individual member fails to comply with the Policies set forth herein or the Policies set by the OK/CCIM Chapter from time to time, the OK/CCIM Chapter may, at OK/CCIM Chapter’s sole discretion, terminate or limit that individual’s access to the OK/CCIM Broadcast System.